IPTV Services

Live TV                        

Add live TV service to any device.  Surf through hundreds of HD channels and enjoy live TV at a fraction of the cost when compared to big TV companies. No equipment rental fees, no credit checks, no hassles.

Premium Channels

IPTV service includes plenty of premium content. PPV events, sports packages, adult content, foreign channels, all USA premium networks…you name it. It’s all included!



Video on Demand

Each IPTV service offers a video on demand library with HUGE catalogs of movies and TV shows. The video on demand service updates frequently so you can access all the latest hits as soon as they’re available.



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Sit Back & Enjoy

That’s it. Your order will be processed and turned on shortly. Enter user name & password and live TV is ready to go.

Current Services

Sports Packet

Cost = $100 per year

Entertainment packet

Cost = $100 per year

Full packet with adult

Cost = $200 per year

Full packet with Sports

Cost = $200 per year

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Available service lengths: 1 month ~ 3 month ~ 6 month ~ 12 months

Full details

Caution: Do not attempt to purchase IPTV service on your own. You have been warned.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is the delivery of television content via the internet. Services usually include movies, TV shows, live TV, re-play or catch-up TV as well as a VOD service. It’s easy to use, extremely affordable and can be used in place of cable or satellite TV.

Need help? No problem! I can help you pick out exactly what you need.

Is IPTV Legal?

Streaming IPTV content is completely legal depending on the source. While other content will fall into a “gray” area. Copying and distributing protected content is certainly illegal, “streaming” it however is a different story according IPTV service providers.

Then there’s the matter of where it’s streaming from, as most servers will probably not be in the same country that you live in. Copyright laws and restrictions vary from country to country therefore we are presented with a “gray” area. There’s no need to worry about the feds kicking your door in, but care should be taken before signing with a IPTV service. Many have not been in business for very long and there are new providers popping up all over the place promising the world for a few bucks a month.

I highly suggest that you avoid contacting IPTV service providers on your own. My customized devices come with the best IPTV apps pre-installed and ready for use. It’s truly a jungle out there, but I’m here to help you. I spend considerable time testing and evaluating various IPTV services to find the best content possible. I can help you find decent service for extremely reasonable prices when compared to cable or satellite TV.

What about content and quality?

IPTV services usually offer an extremely high amount of HD channels, PPV content, premium networks, foreign content, ppv sports and adult content. The trade off for all of this content is a usually a knock in quality when compared to cable or satellite TV. Most services will work perfectly fine but expect to see non working channels or buffering occasionally. Especially if streaming is being done over a wi-fi connection. Important:Please note that local channels may not be available for your area.

Completed orders will include all the details you need.

Why the caution message?

I personally would advise against trying to sign up for IPTV service on your own. Your private financial information, location and identity can be at risk. There are just too many fake websites and scams all over the web.

Kryptonite TV spends considerable time researching and evaluating IPTV services to help find the best quality content possible without any hassles. I pass this information on to you and provide a means to anonimously purchase services.

Kryptonite TV will never offer services that have not been personally used and evaluated first.