The applications, add-ons, customization and installation methods used by Kryptonite TV are free and readily available on the internet and directly from some of the developers themselves. Your payments support the time consuming installation work that is involved, not the reselling of what was meant to be free. Hard work is needed to produce the applications that allow free enjoyment for all and that work is respected by Kryptonite TV. Your payment also allows the continued research and evaluation of applications and cord cutting devices and options, bringing those savings directly to you.


Copyright Infringement:

The copying and/or distribution of protected content is illegal. Kryptonite TV installs and preps your product for streaming purposes but has no control over what is accessed after our transaction. Kryptonite TV has no control or liability over content or material accessed through apps or 3rd party add-ons that are installed on your product or mentioned on this website. Installed apps or 3rd party add-ons may possibly contain illegal content that is not licensed for streaming. There is no way of verifying or determining the actual origin of streamed content via applications and 3rd party add-ons from unknown sources. Stream content from unknown sources at your own risk.



1. Most transactions will require giving some type of personal information to Kryptonite TV. This may include your email address, phone number, mac address, financial information and so on. All personal information and transactions will be kept 100% confidential while services are being provided and professionally destroyed when services are no longer used.

2. Some applications or 3rd party add-ons may require personal information in order to use their services. Use these services at your own risk.

3. Kryptonite TV may contact you on occasions via email or text message with news, details or offers regarding services.


1. Kryptonite TV has no official affiliation with KODI, Amazon, Android, IPvanish, IPTV services or any 3rd party add-ons or applications mentioned on this website or installed on your product.

2. Any links provided that take you to another website is solely for the purpose of leading you to helpful information that is open and freely available on the internet.