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  • Please note that I have decided to no longer support the app KODI. Terrarium TV should be your go to app for movies and TV shows. It is okay to uninstall KODI from your device.



Start Here!

  • Kryptonite TV explained
  • Amazon device owners…Start here – Watch all 3 videos
  • I highly recommend using the app Terrarium TV for movies and TV shows!
  • Buffering and app help – Please watch both
  • Buffering and app help pt 2 – Please watch both

app videos

  • Short videos discussing each app


  • Quick look at NVIDIA Shield device

KODI Videos (kodi is no longer supported)

  • Please Note: I highly recommend using Terrarium TV for your movies and TV shows!
  • How to update your Kodi app
  • Kodi Walk through
  • 3 versions discussed – Team ZT ~ Titanium ~ Juggernaut

Live tv videos

  • A quick look at Fabhosting app
  • Fabhosting settings & help
  • Fabhosting settings and help pt 2
  • IPTVsubs settings and walkthrough

Buffering Help

Hard-wire your connection… It’s very important to have a stable internet connection to prevent buffering. Wi-fi is okay but there are far too many variables for me to suggest it. Wi-fi is not consistent or stable and should be your last option for streaming. Hard-wiring directly to your router is the preferred connection method. If your router is in another room consider using a power-line adapter. This device uses your existing power cables to turn any outlet into a hard-wired connection. Please see the example image below:
Stream smaller files…Trying to stream large file sizes with a fire TV stick or over wi-fi is asking for buffering issues. Unless you have a hard-wired connection and a capable device (NVIDIA Shield) it is better to stick to files around 700mb. Streaming lower quality files will also help keep your data usage down. Most ISP providers charge additional fees once you pass your available monthly allowance. The top movie links will always display the highest quality available 1080p. If having buffering issues, try a link that’s further down the list. 480p is DVD quality, 720p is HD, and 1080p is UHD. Please see the example image below:

Try a different link…There are a huge amount of options to choose from so use that to your advantage. If you’re have issues or problems streaming a particular movie or show, simply try a different link or view the content through an entirely different app. Here’s an example. Stremio and FreeFlix stream a lot of the same content. If you are having issues with Sremio, simply play the same content with FreeFlix instead.

Restart your device…Sometimes a quick restart will fix most problems. Simply unplug then re-plug your device or select restart in your device settings menu.

Server Overload…Unfortunately there will be times where server overload takes place and certain movies or content will just be unplayable. This is especially true when streaming live TV. The infrastructure is improving though and apps are being updated with improvement consistently.

Device Help

Frozen or not responding…Most issues will be resolved by restarting your device. Simply unplug then re-plug your device or select restart in the settings menu. If that fails, please make sure you have good batteries in your remote.

Will not turn on…Please make sure your device is plugged in and the power cable is pushed completely into the adapter.

No internet or bad connection…First and foremost please make sure that your modem and router are in working order. Check to see if you are still getting a connection on other devices throughout your home. If hard-wired check all cables and make sure all connections are good. If possible, swap with a known working cable to make sure the problem isn’t the cable itself. Wi-fi can be a bit tricky sometimes. Good connection one minute and bad the next. Try re-positioning your device if possible or consider hard-wiring if you’re currently using wi-fi.


Settings help

Leave all settings alone…Unless you know what you’re doing, it’s best to leave the settings alone. There would be too many details to discuss since each app has it’s own settings menu. All settings are adjusted and optimized for best performance by Kryptonite TV already.

App help

This applies to every app…Apps crash, apps freeze, apps glitch….it’s going to happen. If having issues back out of the app by pressing the back or home button then simply restart the app.

Updating…Many of the apps will auto update. Simply wait for any updating to finish before proceeding. This is especially true with KODI.

Permissions…Various permissions will occasionally appear on the screen. Go ahead and click whatever you choose.

Settings…I highly suggest that all settings are left as is.