Frequently Asked questions

What is a VPN service?

VPN stands for virtual private network. A VPN service uses a secure tunnel to connect you to a remote server while you’re online. All data is encrypted, no information is stored.

This is extremely useful when streaming content from unknown sources.

A VPN service is not necessary but I still recommend using one while streaming content from unknown sources

Why use a VPN service?

First and foremost, privacy is your right. A VPN service protects your privacy and allows you to surf the web or stream content anonymously. All data is encrypted so your use of the internet or what you choose to view is totally invisible.

This isn’t the only reason for using a VPN of course. Secure VOIP calls, secure internet connection, prevent 3rd parties from “spying” on you, use public wi-fi safely and so on.

How much does VPN service cost?

VPN services are extremely affordable and offer multiple device security! Connect 5 devices for as little as $5 per month.

I recommend IPvanish. It’s the service I personally use on all of my devices. It shouldn’t be too difficult to find discounted prices.

IPvanish is already installed on your device. Simply sign up and protect yourself while online.

What is KODI?

Simply put KODI is an open source media center that let’s easily you stream your owned content while also supporting 3rd party custom add-ons.

Is KODI legal?

KODI is completely legal to install and use, but some 3rd party add-on may offer the viewing of copy protected content. There’s no need to worry about the feds kicking in your door. The main concerns are privacy and protecting your location while streaming online.

How can I protect myself while online?

Enjoy KODI, IPTV and all of the content using a VPN service. This service encrypts your internet data and also routes your information through their protected servers. You simply become invisible while on-line.

What is IPTV?

IPTV is the delivery of television content via the internet. Services usually include movies, TV shows, live TV, re-play or catch-up TV as well as a VOD service. KODI is perfectly capable of streaming live TV but I like the idea of using a separate service. It’s easier, it’s extremely affordable and can be used in place of cable or satellite TV.

What about content and quality?

IPTV services usually offer an extremely high amount of HD channels, PPV content, premium networks, foreign content, ppv sports and adult content. The trade off for all of this content is usually a knock in quality when compared to cable or satellite TV. Most services will work fine but expect to see non working channels and/or buffering . If you can live with a few hiccups then IPTV might be the right service for you.

Is IPTV legal?

Streaming IPTV content is completely legal depending on the source. While other content will fall into a “gray” area. Copying and distributing protected content is certainly illegal, “streaming” it however is a different story according IPTV service providers. Then there’s the matter of where it’s streaming from, as most servers will probably not be in the same country that you live in. Copyright laws and restrictions vary from country to country therefore we are presented with a “gray” area. There’s no need to worry about the feds kicking your door in, but I still suggest using a VPN.