Save money on your constantly increasing cable or satellite TV bill!

Tired of paying outrageous pricing for TV? Cable and satellite rates are constantly increasing. Equipment rental costs add a ton to your monthly bill and then there’s always that plethora of additional charges that finally pushes your bill pass that $100 mark per month. There’s good news though. Viable alternatives are on the rise to put money saving options on the table.

Streaming has evolved over the years. Thousands of movies and TV shows are now available, making cable TV a big waste of money! No contracts, no fees, no equipment rental costs. Kryptonite TV is here to help you get the most out of streaming by offering products that help you access the content you love for a FRACTION of the cost compared to cable and satellite TV providers.


Movies & TV Shows

From new releases to a full catalog of older titles.

Music & new discoveries

There’s plenty of music and new discoveries to be made.

Premium Content

PPV, sports packages, premium movie channels, adult content, foreign channels and more.

Live TV how it should be

Enjoy hundreds of live HD TV channels including content from all over the world

Save hundreds of dollars per year!

Turn in your old dusty cable or satellite box for a device fully loaded with content that will satisfy the needs of just about anyone.

Kryptonite TV devices:

  • Fully Loaded and ready for immediate use
  • Options start as low as $125 per device
  • One time payment only….No further costs
  • Add Live TV options for extremely reasonable rates
  • Start saving money today

 saving Solutions for every situation

No TV Service?

What are you waiting for? Order a device, plug it in and your done. Loads of content and entertainment instantly available. No credit checks, no rental fees, no hassles.

Existing TV Service?

Want to add entertainment to a second room or “upgrade” your existing service? Skip fees and rental costs altogether. Simply add a new device to your current setup and enjoy.

Cord Cutter?

Already a cord cutter? Odds are you could probably use an upgrade from Netflix. Save cash by canceling expensive monthly services and switching to Kryptonite TV.

Ready to learn more?

Channel surfing is becoming a thing of the past. App hopping is the new craze and it’s here to stay. Trade in cable or satellite TV boxes for a modern new device that can be loaded with the latest and greatest apps that provide hours of movies, music, entertainment and even live tv. A majority of this content is available for absolutely no further costs or obligations.

New apps and improved cord cutting solutions are being made available regularly. Kryptonite TV is constantly on the hunt for new applications that provide the best overall experience in helping you cut the cord or downgrade your current service to save some serious cash.

My devices are loaded with the latest and greatest apps, that provide access to the latest and greatest content.

No contracts, No fees, No commitment, No rental costs……A one time payment and you’re done!

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